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Dr. Maria M. Negron

Maria Negron, CEd.D has a doctorate degree in Christian Education with more than 40 years of teaching, educational development and curriculum enhancement experience. She has taught in public schools, christian schools and been a consultant for the Department of Education.

Maria taught and developed the Bible curriculum at Fountain Gate Academy, where she also attended Fountain Gate Ministries under the leadership of Fuschia Pickett, Judson Cornwall and Charlotte Baker. This experience later helped her in the development and implementation of children’s ministries in many other churches in her life’s journey.

Throughout her christian walk, Maria has served the Lord in various capacities. She is an ordained minister and has traveled on many missions trips around the world, with a heartbeat for children. It was during these missionary travels that these short stories were birthed.

Maria met her Redeemer 34 years ago, and has embraced her calling and passion…teaching! She loves to bring the revelation of God’s Word through illustrations, unique demonstrations, and short stories. Her heartfelt purpose is to encourage others to embrace a deeper personal relationship with their Savior through His Word, Worship and Prayer.

Books By Dr. Maria M. Negron

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