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Dr. Darial A. Jackson

The author, Rev. Dr. Darial A. Jackson, is a native of a small town south of Charlotte, North Carolina. He grew up with the love and support of his uncle and grandmother in a section of York, South Carolina, called Tirzah. There he learned that respect and good manners would get him far in life.

His grandmother stressed the importance of education and hard work. He was expected to daily complete his studies and chores. He would later graduate from Jefferson High School in York, South Carolina, and immediately entered the Armed Forces to help build the foundation for a career in law enforcement. With the experience gained as a military police officer, Darial would accept a position with the Rock Hill Police Department.

While on duty one day, Darial Jackson assisted a young lady experiencing car trouble. That lady would later become his wife, and their union would produce four girls. With the responsibility of a family, Jackson worked hard to continue his education and explore other careers. His next career would involve a dump truck, dirt, and some big dreams. He used his education, love of fresh air, and his determination to build a successful hauling business. This business allowed him to provide a comfortable lifestyle for his wife and put his four girls through college. Throughout his journey, he always knew that God had big things in store for him. After years of ignoring God’s call, Darial decided to trade in his truck and bobcat for a robe and collar. He answered that call at his home church and later accepted a position at a church in Gastonia, North Carolina. There he continues to lead, teach, and encourage his congregation to follow God’s words and work to their full potential.

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