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To Kill a Lion

Transforming Your Life Through Sexual Freedom

Bruce Lengeman

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Paperback Price: $14.99 
Sept 2010 | 201 Pages
ISBN-13:  978-0-9827858-7-4 
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eBook Price: $6.99 
Sept 2010 | 201 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9967833-1-6
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To Kill a Lion - Paperback
To Kill a Lion - eBook


Men cry out, "I know it’s wrong, but why can’t I stop?"

This is a common cry throughout our culture from Christian men who are seeking to find freedom from the nagging grip of sexual lust. In To Kill a Lion, Bruce Lengeman takes men beyond behavior modification and answers the question, “but what’s driving the drive?” Some approaches to sexual purity adequately tell men, “It’s bad! Don’t do it!” but don’t give men real solutions. To Kill a Lion is about destroying sexual roots. It is about who a man is, not just what he does.

In To Kill a Lion you’ll discover:

● How to be pure without being less sexual
● How to close sexual doors to Satan that at some point you opened
● How a man’s sexuality is connected to almost everything in his life
● How to trace your sexual issues back to emotional issues
● How sexual freedom in your heart will bring new sexual vitality to your marriage
● How you can get to the place where you want sexual purity more than you want immorality

Bruce Lengeman 150x130 01Bruce Lengeman 

Bruce Lengeman has invested over 30 years of his life in the people-helping business as a church-planter, youth pastor, senior pastor, professional counselor, business consultant and writer. Bruce and his wife, Ruthie, live in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where Bruce pastors ACTS Covenant Fellowship.
To find out more about Bruce and his ministry, please visit www.ToKillaLion.com.

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