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Raising God's Girl

Empowering Parents to Raise Daughters with Conviction, Confidence & Courage

Rich and Mary Lou Graham

Parenting, Family
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Paperback Price: $14.97
Nov 2015 | 233 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9962716-91
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eBook Price: $7.99
Nov 2015 | 233 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9967833-7-8
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Raising God's Girl - Paperback
Raising God's Girl - eBook


Raising God’s girl in His way, with His power, for His purposes.

Scripture teaches us that our daughters are gifts from God. Is this really true? In all seasons of life?

The answer is yes. But sometimes we can miss this truth in the whirlwind of emotions, activities, peer pressure, and media influence. How can we raise strong girls when we feel so weak?

The key is knowing this: as we are raising our daughters, our heavenly Father is raising us. He is using the challenges and joys of parenting to teach us about our own relationship with Him – to help us understand and receive His amazing love so that we can then lavish it on our daughters.

So join us as we examine our lives, renew our minds, and embrace the responsibility and honor of parenting. Discover how to become strong and courageous parents being used by God to build strong and courageous daughters. Learn how to envision your daughter so that in all places, in all situations, and in all seasons she is sure of this: I am God’s Girl!

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