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Fundamentally Flawed

Finding Peace & Hope in Infertility

Joselyn Hasty

Woman's Issues, Parenting, Christian Living
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Dec 2012 | 224 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-936989-12-6
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eBook Price: $7.99
Dec 2012 | 224 Pages
ISBN-13: 111-1-111111-11-1
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Fundamentally Flawed - Paperback
Fundamentally Flawed - eBook

Joselyn Hasty 150x130 01Joselyn Hasty

I grew up in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina, the child of two preacher’s kids. I had one younger brother who delighted in tormenting me, as most younger brothers do. I was home schooled until I reached the fifth grade, at which point my parents placed me in a private school. Having not been blessed with any athletic ability, my extracurricular activities were artistic in nature.

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