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The Heartbeat of Jesus

Letters to the World

Hector Jesus Mendoza

Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth
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Paperback Price: $9.99
Dec 2013 | 88 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-936989-62-1
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eBook Price: $4.99
Dec 2013 | 88 Pages
ISBN-13: 111-1-111111-11-1
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The Heartbeat of Jesus - Paperback
The Heartbeat of Jesus - eBook

Hector Jesus Mendoza 150x130 01Hector Jesus Mendoza

Hector Mendoza is a student of life. He has lived through and overcome some very tough obstacles. This book was birthed out of a time in his life during which he lost everything, including home, family, friends, and livelihood. This occurred in part due to an ignorance of God. Something was not right in his life.

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