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Battle for Your Life

Defeating the Schemes of the Enemy

Joe Warner

Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Living
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Paperback Price: $12.99
Jan 2017 | 160 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-946466-00-6
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eBook Price: $9.99
Jan 2017 | 160 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-946466-02-0
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Battle for Your Life - Paperback
Battle for Your Life - eBook


Many times in life, we seem to battle with the same debilitating issues—from negative habits, thoughts, or emotions, to fears, triggered-reactions, and other matters that adversely affect us. Is there any way to break free from the patterns that bind us, short-circuit us, or leave us in a place we really don’t want to be?

Just as God has a plan for your life and strategies to help you, Satan has also crafted specifically-targeted schemes designed just for you.

In Battle for Your Life, Pastor Joe Warner will take you into the Word of God, exposing the enemy’s schemes and revealing the answers to the issues that keep showing up in your life. You will learn how to get to the root of those schemes, understand them, and annihilate their effects! Warner has spent three decades successfully ministering these truths to thousands of people around the world—those who were once “stuck” in life and are now free!

As you read Battle for Your Life: Defeating the Schemes of the Enemy, you will experience the lights coming on and the darkness being dispelled in your own life. Your life can be what you always hoped—full of peace, joy, healing, resolved anger, and relationships made whole.

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Pastor Joe Warner founded Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida over 23 years ago. He is still pastoring at Freedom and travels extensively throughout the world doing Apostolic/Prophetic ministry. His church is very involved in missions and has a mature five-fold team ministering throughout the world as well. Pastor Joe also serves as the Missions Ambassador for the Network of Related Pastors.

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