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Bishop Robert

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Bishop Robert is a voice for unity in the Body of Christ. His heart’s cry is the prayer of Jesus in John 17, that followers of Jesus may be one, and so proclaim the message of the gospel in the power of His glory.

In July, 2016 Bishop Robert began serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Jesus Alliance, which exists to establish a global communications network that will unite, equip, and mobilize the body of Christ to take action, which impacts the world for Jesus.

Ordained to the ministry in 1999 in the Assemblies of God, Bishop Robert was consecrated a bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (the CEEC) on June 10, 2012 at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. The CEEC is a conservative communion of evangelical Christians who embrace all three historic streams of worship expression in the Church—the sacramental, the evangelical, and the Pentecostal.

For four years since being consecrated a bishop, Bishop Robert has served as the assistant to the CEEC’s Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, assisting in the global mission of the Communion. Because of his personal experience helping South Sudan as it became an independent nation in 2011, Bishop Robert was appointed as Bishop of South Sudan in January of 2013. Since that time, he has been overseeing church growth and development for a fledgling group of a South Sudanese clergy. In the ensuing years since establishing the Diocese of South Sudan, CEEC churches in South Sudan have seen significant growth.

Thanks to the amazing, hard work of the church people on the ground there, who have preached the gospel in the midst of the civil war, close to a dozen new churches have been planted. Bishop Robert was also concurrently appointed as Bishop of the Mediterranean and Middle East and tasked with looking for evangelism and church planting opportunities in that region.

Most recently, he was appointed as the CEEC’s Emissary for Christian Unity, assigning him to a global role working to advance the unity of the body of Christ with entities as diverse as the Jesus Alliance and Pope Francis.

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