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Paul L. Cuny

Paul Cuny is President of MarketPlace Leadership International, an organization helping men and women around the world grow in understanding the economic principles of the Bible. Paul’s background as an entrepreneur, investor, and business owner provides a platform from which to speak to leaders and professionals. He is also an ordained minister. Paul is an internationally recognized speaker on God’s principles of economics and leadership and has spoken at conferences and churches throughout Africa, Europe, South America, Central America and the US. His messages focus on the practical nature of the Kingdom Economy and God’s requirements for Kingdom leaders.

Paul is a Steering Committee member of the European Economic Summit which is working with Europe’s top economists and Christian leaders to develop new economic paradigms for Europe that are based on Scripture. He has been interviewed on international TV and radio. He has authored many articles in international publications and is the author of two books: Secrets of the Kingdom Economy, which is published in five languages and Nehemiah People. Paul has served as a friend, counselor and prayer partner to sitting presidents, ambassadors, business and government leaders around the world.

Books By Paul L. Cuny

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