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Dr. Steven R. Wittmann

Dr. Steven Wittmann first heard God's call at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Ca. in 1976 under Pastor Chuck Smith. Later in the 1980s, Dr. Wittmann served in the USAF during the cold war as a nuclear missile launch technician. After his military service, Dr. Wittmann used his technical training and passion for all things digital, to open an information technologies company which he continues to operate.

In 2008, God opened a door of opportunity for Dr. Wittmann to begin digital construction on an online seminary college. Seven years and a million lines of code later, Dr. Wittmann functions as a staff director and teacher at the International College of Ministry (ICM), a non-profit Christian ministry.

In 2016, Dr. Wittmann earned his Doctor of Theology degree from ICM. Through his spiritual gift of discernment of spirits, Dr. Wittmann brings a rarely seen perspective of the workings of the spirit realm to his teaching and writing.

Dr. Wittmann's passion for writing began at the age of nine when his mother, feeling pestered, told him to "go read a book," and he discovered a then-futuristic story about technology and computers. Currently, Dr. Wittmann is working on two new spiritual warfare books that follow the theme of Unchained & Under Cover and a for-entertainment project that is fiction.

Books By Dr. Steven R. Wittmann

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