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He Touched Me:

No More Secrets, No More Shame

Ebony R. Hosey

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March 2016 | 144 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-946466-05-1
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March 2016 | 144 Pages
ISBN-13: 111-1-111111-11-1
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He Touched Me - Paperback

Ebony R Hosey 130x150 01Ebony R. Hosey

Ebony Hosey (1972-2015) was a gifted singer, musician and songwriter. She was kind, soft spoken and often a bit shy. Music was the tool she used to express deep-seated thoughts and emotions. The lives of thousands were powerfully impacted when she led praise and worship, sang a solo or played a keyboard. Ebony also wrote more than 200 songs for worship, celebrations and her students.

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