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Kelly Hagen and Maria Rodriguez

About Kelly Hagen

Kelly Hagen resides with her family in Clarkston, Michigan and thoroughly enjoys the commission and privilege of motherhood! The inspiration behind writing Belly Button Love is the heart and connection of a mother to her child.

If we really think about it, we all have a belly button…and that physical indentation is the exact place we were connected and literally one with our biological mothers. This was our lifeline to living and love before we were born, and our belly buttons never go away…nor does the love of a mother!

Kelly has also written a book titled Miscarriage: The Recovery Process and One Woman’s Journey. Kelly lost two babies in the first trimester and understands the pain of losing a child. This miscarriage handbook was written for the mother who just recently experienced the loss of a baby, and to facilitate the process of healing and the journey on to the road of recovery.

About Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez resides in Grosse Pointe Michigan with her three children and her Great Dane named Zoey.

With a BBA in Art and Marketing, Maria has owned and operated Zeus Gallery in Chicago and sold art in all medias around the world, and currently owns a business called Creations of the Spirit. Her favorite medium is painting with acrylics and oils, and enjoys painting in expressionistic style with bold vivid color.

Many of the illustrations from Belly Button Love include images of her son Asher. I am proud to say that my love for…and connection to my children inspired my creations for this awesome mother and child children s book! The biggest blessing and most precious thing in my life is being a mother.

Kelly Hagen and Maria Rodriguez

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