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Dana Goodrum

Dana Goodrum

After nearly a decade hiatus away from God, Dana Goodrum is well versed in the trials, attacks, and tribulations associated with making peace with your past. In Open with Your Broken, she unveils a decade of difficulties, hardships, and struggle—and her eventual triumph over her past. Her walk without God was filled with destruction and devastation and each time she tried to turn to God she was reminded of all the awful things she had done. For years, this kept her in bondage and unforgiveness of herself. Finally, after being saved, and experiencing an incredible transformation over the course of several years, Dana has become a living testimony for the prodigal walk.

When Dana was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 32, with two children under the age of 12, she started writing faith-based pieces to battle the disease and stay focused on God. Her first piece was published just three days after submission, it has been shared over thirty thousand times online, and reached nearly half a million people over the world. Shortly thereafter, Dana started her blog, myfaithlift.com, and then a corresponding Facebook page which provides a daily ministry to over twenty-five thousand people. It was then she felt called to begin writing her first book, Open with Your Broken. Since then, she has continued publishing pieces in The Praying Woman, Redeemed Magazine, while leading junior high youth group on and teaching on Sundays at Koke Mill Christian Church, in Springfield, Illinois.

On a Saturday morning, if she is not chauffeuring her kids around to various activities, out and about with her 8-year-old Doberman Argus, or hosting an event or training for one of her several careers or volunteer roles, you will find her curled up in her historic home, drinking hazelnut coffee, and listening to Bethel Music.

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