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Health & Wellness

Same Song, Second Verse

Releasing the Past to Embrace Destiny

Vickie Drake

Biographies & Memoirs, Christian Living, Health & Wellness


Book Summary: Are you ready to move past the trauma of your past and propel to the abundant life God has waiting for you? Are you ready to stop settling for mundane and start living your life to its fullest according to God’s Word? If your answer is YES!, how do you get there?

Through Vickie’s vulnerable, transparent story and conversations with the Holy Spirit in Same Song – Second Verse, you will learn how to:

  • Transform trauma to triumph by replacing lies with truth
  • Release the past to seize the future God has for you
  • Trust and develop a personal relationship with God
  • Have intimate conversation and personal interaction with the Holy Spirit
  • Lay down yourself and follow God to flourish under His goodness
  • And more…


Vickie Drake 150x130 01Vickie Drake

Same Song – Second Verse is a follow up to Vickie Drake’s Victory Journey, where she vulnerably shares how God brought her through a healing journey following domestic abuse. Her God-given appreciation for music and writing is creatively woven into her life’s journey as a song unto Him.

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